a poem from a child of Chernobyl
I cannot see you
but I am looking at you
I cannot feel you
but I am touching you
I cannot smell you
but I am breathing you
I know who you are
because my Mummy told me
Your name is RADIATION
and you are everywhere I go
Contact for St Ives link:

Email: j.packard@btopenworld.com

Tel: 01736 797009

Website: www.ccll.org.uk

Chernobyl Children's Life Line

St Ives link

Registered charity no. 1014274



Would you consider:

  • Sponsoring a child

  • Hosting children

  • Raising funds

  • Helping at our events


Every year since 1996 families in St Ives and surrounding area have hosted children from Belarus and, more recently, Ukraine.



  • All children live in villages, towns or cities that have high levels of radiation following the meltdown of Reactor 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station on April 26th 1986.

  • Every day the children eat radiated food and drink radiated milk and water.

  • One month in St Ives with good food, clean water and fresh air helps to boost the children's innune systems and reduces the level of radiation in their bodies.


The children who come to stay with you are chosen for the following reasons:

  • The children may have been evacuated from a heavily contaminated area and still live where the radiation levels are extremely high.

  • Some children may have had cancer and are now in remission following treatment.


What does hosting entail?
  • Welcoming a child into your home for a month, caring, and nurturing them with nourishing food.

  • Giving them the recuperation hoiday of a life time.

  • Having a network of support for the host families to ensure you do not feel alone.

  • Having an interpreter/leader who accompanies the group who will be available around the clock.

St Ives annual visits

Fore Street Methodist Church first opened its arms to Chernobyl children in 1997 when the very first group of children to be hosted  by this link of the charity arrived in St Ives.


Since then there have been annual group visits. All the children attend a service,  are entertained to a lunch along with their host families and go home either with an illustrated bible , bible story or colouring book in Russian. The Link of CCLL is also supported by generous donations from the congregation.


The children come to the UK for a month’s respite away from a daily drip feed of radiation. It is thought that a month of clean , uncontaminated food, and fresh air will clear their bodies of up top two years worth of radiation. Of course they just think they are here to have fun and enjoy their first experience of the seaside.


During most visits to the church the children have entertained us with their singing and they in turn have watched enthralled as the younger members of the church have enacted a Bible story, this year’s being about creation.


We are fortunate to regularly have host families who are church members, with Rodney and Ahmor Orr, the current minister and his wife, among them.


2016 was the thirtieth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. We would love to have a larger group of children , but, of course in order to achieve this we need more host families.  It is undoubtedly a tiring four weeks , but the reward outweighs this. There is a busy programme of events which is interspersed with dental and optician visits.

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