Monday 10th April 2017


at United Methodist Church at 7:30pm with Pastor Kenny Bassett


Tuesday 11th April


at Bible Christian Church at 7:30pm with Rev Robert Amess


Wednesday 12th April

 at The Salvation Army Citadel at 7:30pm with Lt Mark Read     


Thursday 13th April


at FSMC at 7:30pm Love Feast with Pastor Rodney Orr


Good Friday 14th April


at Zion Congregational Church at 10:30am with Rev Timothy Dennick


 at 12:00pm - open air service on the Harbour


at FSMC at 7:30pm showing of the film 'The Passion' (Rated 18)

Easter Sunday 16th April
Sunrise Service at 6:30am on The Island
followed by breakfast at FSMC Sunday School rooms
at FSMC with Rodney Orr from 10:30am [C]
and again at 6:00pm


Easter week notices


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