Opportunities for fellowship


FSMC has a varied programme of meetings and opportunities to get together for building each

other up through worship, teaching and socialising. There is sure to be something for you.

Home Groups


There are currently several home groups, where fellowship is less formal for Bible study, teaching and discussion


  • Andy & Reggie are hosting at 2:00p.m. at 5 Camaret Drive

  • Young men & women with Josh & Laura at 7:30pm

Thursday (fortnightly):

  • Alan & Lesley's at Tregan Horne, Gwel an Wheal Crescent, at 7:30p.m.

  • Carol's at Sanata, Alexandra Road, at 7:30pm

  • Alternate Thursdays:
    7:15pm Sarah Cashmore at Trygva, Carthew Way
    7:30pm Phil & Christine at Trelyon Avenue

Open Church


One of the more recent developments is to open the doors of the chapel during holiday periods where folk can drop in as they pass by. There are usually displays around the building at Christmas, New Year's Eve and Easter and also for harvest of the sea.  Some people are just curious to see the inside of the building. Others enjoy light refreshment and a chat. Some are seeking counsel or prayer. There are always volunteers on hand to help. Live worship music is often played.


This is  an important outreach to those in the local community and to those visiting the town on holiday. Although the entrance is a little inconspicuous, the location is ideal. Watch out for any 'open church' events elsewhere on the website.

Art is a large part of St Ives. Here the building is used for an exhibition inspired by the artists' faith.

Ladies' Fellowship Meeting


This important fixture has blessed generations of ladies from FSMC, other churches and those who attend church based meetings infrequently.  The meetings are held in the Sunday School rooms or the chapel. Please check weekly notices for details. There is usually a visiting speaker.  Meetings are from 2:15p.m. on Wednesdays.

Please be aware:

Being heavily dependent on the tourist industry, most of the church based mid week meetings run from September to April.

The chapel is a popular venue for the famous New Year's Eve celebrations where fancy dress is welcomed



Prayer is a vital part of the ministry of the church.  Specific meetings for prayer are held at the church manse, 5 Belmont Terrace between 8:00-9:00a.m. on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


There is also an evening prayer time each Tuesday from 7:30p.m. This is at 5 Camaret Drive.  Look out for monthly prayer days in the church on the first Saturday of a month.


If you are in need of prayer, there is always someone available after Sunday meetings, or you can contact the pastor, Rodney Orr.

Men's Association


This has also been a mainstay over many generations, especially for senior members. Guest speakers lead the meeting a bring a message to uplift, encourage and exhort. The venue is the Sunday School and meetings begin at 7:15p.m. Historic photo >

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