FSMC Gospel Choir

Listen to the choir courtesy of St Ives Community TV

A live performance at FSMC St Ives from "O What a Saviour" Easter 2014

The Rock - a musical by Roger Jones


Performed by the choir throughout Cornwall on 19 occasions.


The modern musical which comprises contemporary and traditional music tells the story of  Simon, who having met with a carpenters son from Nazareth, decided to leave behind his life as a fisherman and become a ‘fisher of men’.  Caesarea is where it all begins, with the Roman centurion Cornelius taking centre stage, then moving to Caesarea Philippi where Simon recognises the carpenter’s son as the Christ- the Messiah, who renames him Peter (ROCK in Greek)- hence the title for the musical. Galilee then becomes the focal point before Jerusalem sees the crucifixion of Jesus but not before Peter had denied ever knowing him. The haunting strains of ‘were you there’ combining with the hammered nails creating a moving atmosphere. Then the resurrection and Peter discovering the wonder of Christ’s Grace – forgiveness and reconciliation.

The story is told in flashback style and keeps the audience on their toes with some fine foot-tapping rhythms and moving ballads. The musical cleverly combines some old-time hymn lyrics like ‘Rock of Ages’ with catchy music and climaxes with the reminder that Jesus is the Rock.

Men of the choir with greetings from the Old Lighthouse on Smeaton's Pier.  Built in 1831 by John Smeaton to mark the end of the original pier,

it echoes to the sound of the great hymn by Philip Bliss,

Brightly beams our Father's mercy

From His lighthouse evermore...

Photo shows the choir at Venton League chapel, Hayle

The Big Gig

As part of the celebrations of the British Olympic games the FSMC Gospel choir took part in an open air concert at the Trewyn public gardens in St.Ives on a beautiful summers day in July singing selections from 'O What A Saviour' to an appreciative audience comprising locals and visitors.

The choir at Trewyn Gardens on a hot summer's day in 2014

Walk Cornwall 2

In May 2013 the FSMC Gospel choir joined forces with the St.Ives Community Choir to sing at the Minack Theatre at the launch of the Walk Cornwall 2 initiative organised by Christians Together in Cornwall.

Combined choirs with accompanist Alison Ashby at the piano and the SW Salvation Army Youth Band at the Minack Theatre

O What a Saviour


Following on from the popular musical 'Rock' the choir took on a new challenge in presenting ‘O What A Saviour’ which takes the form of a multi-media presentation to stimulate the visual senses as well as hearing words and tunes that may be familiar, yet are set in new arrangements by Russell Mauldin. These were compiled by Tricia Thomas into a group of songs that celebrate the greatness of our God and praises him for what he has accomplished through his Son Jesus Christ – hence the title for this musical.


This programme was clearly different from ‘ROCK’, which tells the story of Simon Peter’s experience of meeting Jesus, whereas ‘O What A Saviour’ expresses our experience of the one who gave his own life so that we might have eternal life, through faith in him.

Choir at St John's in the Fields Parish Church


audio and visuals by Clive Ashby

Walk Cornwall 2 - the final event at Truro

In October 2013 the choir performed a "Flash Mob" of 'Rock' in the open air at the Truro Piazza at the closing event of Walk Cornwall 2.

Items from' O What a Saviour' were also included. Noel Tredinnick then conducted the choir in leading the community singing

before they travelled on to Saltash for another rendering of that Gospel Musical.

Choir performing with Noel Treddinick at the Piazza in Truro city centre in October 2013



The story of the conversion of Saul of Tarsus is an exciting and eventful one. The transformation of this character was immense and the way it happened was amazing. The story is recorded in the book of the Acts of the Apostles chapter 9.

Few transformations have had such a massive influence on the history of the Christian Church as that of the apostle Saul. His writings and missionary journeys to the various churches across Asia Minor helps us understand the life and development of the early Christian Church and how, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit much of his writings form such a significant part of the New Testament. Its relevance for the church today is clear. Although the events might not be so dramatic Jesus Christ still transforms lives in the 21st Century.

This  musical, currently being presented by the FSMC Gospel Choir,  is another written by Roger Jones of Christian Music Ministries.

Prior to rehearsals for the Roger Jones Gospel musical 'Apostle' the choir 'warmed up' by singing to visitors on the harbourside, witnessing to the Love of our Saviour.

Choir after singing 'And can it be?' at the St.Nicholas Church on the Island

At South Quay during Hayle Harbour Day, 10th September 2016

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