New Wave is the fresh provision through FSMC St. Ives, of a space to come as you are and seek the true love and intimacy of Jesus Christ.

Jesus himself said that new wine needs new wine skins Luke:5, 36-39. With God's grace we aim to simply be the space to which hungry souls can come, to be fed on the truth God freely gives us all through the knowledge of Jesus Christ in and through the Holy Spirit.

We long to know Jesus more, not simply know about him. Through embarking on one's personal journey, an epic relationship can grow between Jesus and those who eagerly seek him.

With heart felt worship, Bible teaching and the power of changed lives we encounter the One True Living God together!

In the true informal Cornish style we have created a chilled environment so please don't feel threatened to pop in and have a drink, (tea or coffee), some cake and a great time.

New Wave

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