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March of Witness and Tea Treat


The weather steadily improved throughout the afternoon as the annual March of Witness made its way along Fore Street and the Harbour, stopping at the RNLI slipway, The Slip and the top of Smeaton's Pier for singing songs of worship & praise.

The sand by The Arches provided a suitable venue for races of all generations, concluded with some Tug o' War. A wonderful time was rounded off with a jam packed Sunday School for a Cornish Cream Tea, with plenty of saffron and heavy cake.

Melvin & Mary Veal


What a happy occasion it was celebrating, in April, the 50th wedding anniversary of Mary & Melvin! Many of the FSMC congregation were there back in the 60s, when Melvin's life was held up in prayer. His cure from cancer was miraculous. Now they enjoy their children and grand children, displaying a steadfast faith in Jesus.

Baptism on Easter Sunday


In the afternoon of  Easter Sunday, one of our new converts, Stuart, was baptised in the sea on Porthgwidden Beach.  Many of the members of FSMC, together with a number of visitors, gathered around to sing and praise  God. It was a beautiful afternoon, not quite summer, but warm enough, perhaps except for the sea temperature. But not a wetsuit in sight.  Holiday makers watched with curious interest as the scene unfolded.

Afterwards, we were treated to a Cornish cream tea , where we enjoyed great fellowship.

Large  Congregation for Easter Sunday


The building was pretty full for our Easter Sunday morning meeting. The family service meant for a fairly noisy time, with many  families with young children attending. The creche gradually filled up as little ones succumbed to  a full programme, which included Rodney's magic, a brilliant piece by the  FSMC gospel choir and a challenging  message about the truth of the resurraction. To believe is anything but intellectual suicide and  Rodney gave a challenge to  all. 
This was his last day prior to a sabbatical. The meeting was followed by singing on the Slipway and refreshments in the church.
It was wonderful to have so many visitors, many of whom are now regulars , who are thrilled to worship and get a warm welcome.

Six of the Best as Young Adults Become Members


On Mothering Sunday (26th March) FSMC were delighted to accept six of our young adults into membership of the church. The three Cashmore brothers, Jacob, Zach and Reuben will remember this day  very fondly, as will parents, Andrew and Sarah. Abbey Trevorrow, Amy Trevorrow and Hannah Jefferies also took 'the right hand of fellowship'.  We are thrilled with the commitment and growth in this age group of the church.

Messy Church

Messy Church looks as though it will be here to stay for the time being. On 29th January 2017 the Sunday School were full of energy and excitement, and that was just the many volunteers; grandparents, parents, friends and young people all added to the occassion, helping the children with their various projects, all related to the Bible theme or story. The idea is to have them once in each school half term. The next is on March 12th.

Rodney and Ahmor Celebrate

   Rodney and Ahmor Orr celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and were given special prayers and a beautiful cake at the morning service on Sunday 26th February. Rodney is soon to be taking a three month sabbatical, during which he hopes to write his dissatation for his Masters Degree. We hope he will spend plenty of time with Ahmor as well.

YWAM link as strong as ever

   FSMC continues its strong links with Youth with a Mission. Last year, Zach Cashmore spent his time in Nepal, almost totally cut off from communication with home during that time. Abbie Trevorrow returned from a 6 month mission in South Africa, Jacob Cashmore spent his outreach time in Cairo, Egypt and Hannah Cole began her course in Lausanne, Switzerland. We thank God that we have young men and women who are prepared to 'go into all the world'.

Christian Union, University of Plymouth

   Meanwhile, Rewan Ashby is taking a very active role in the Christian Union at the University of Plymouth. In the second week of February they held a 'Free to Explore' mission week, inviting all  and anyone interested in finding out more about Jesus. Our prayers go with them.

   We are blessed to have a crop of young men and women who are seeking to put God first in their lives.

Wedding Anniversary to start the year

   FSMC is a great family church. A number of those in the congregation have had family connections over generations. Take Viv Thomas, one of worship leaders. His middle name is Paul, after his father. In fact, you have to go back to 1825 to find a different name, and that great great great great grand father was called James. Very likely the family have worshipped at FSMC since it began in 1830! Viv married Shirl at Zion Congregational Church, also in Fore Street) in 1977. This weekend they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on the first day of the year. Fellowship, friends and family gathered at The Brewhouse Cafe for a marvellous time.


   The couple are rightly much loved for their steadfast devotion, especially in working with the youth of the church. Even now, Viv is fully involved in the annual camp and regularly gathers the younger members of the church to lead worship, as only Viv can. We wish them many more happy years together.

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