News - Easter to June 2015

Dedication of George

On Sunday 25th May the dedication of baby George took place with a large congregation to witness and promise to help nurture him to follow Jesus.


Mum Emma presents George to Rodney in thankgiving for his life.

Junior Church Celebration

On Sunday 28th June the Junior Church presented "In the Beginning", with speech, music, costumes and movement. The children of Belarus, on holiday as part of the work of the St Ives link of the Chernobyl Children's Life Line charity also took part. Pastor Rodney Orr produced a professional magic show to the delight and mystery of everyone. The worship band led a large and enthusiastic congregation in songs with plenty of actions.


Afterwards, there was a lunch for everyone to stay and enjoy. The church building was not the ideal venue for the meal, but we were determined to continue with this  even without the use of the Sunday School building due to its current refirbishment. More images on the gallery page.

Tea Treat & Procession of Witness

On Monday 25th May the weather stayed fair for the annual march of witness, followed by games and tug-of-war on the harbour beach. The route is much shorter than in years gone by; up Fore Street, down the Prom and along the Wharf to the harbour master's office. Instead of a brass band, we march to the sound of contemporary worship from a PA system, stopping at West Pier and the Slipway to sing together in the open air. Then back to the chapel for an amazing afternoon tea. It truly was a treat.


Many visitors were delighted and surprised by the large congregation at our morning meeting the day before, where baby George was dedicated. The FSMC Gospel choir led the worship at the afternoon meeting, which had to be transferred to the chapel due to foggy, mizzly rain. But, what a great weekend!

Wedding of Josh & Laura

On Saturday 16th May the wedding of the newest Mr & Mrs Cole was celebrated at FSMC.  A reception followed on a field at Penderleath. The photo shows the happy couple posing for a photo on the Slipway. Josh & Laura are an integral part of the contingent of young adults in the church who long to see growth and deeper relationship with Jesus. We wish them a long and happy life together.

Wedding of Andy & Regina

On Saturday 9th May the weather was beautiful and so was the bride.  Our image shows the happy couple posing for photographs after signing the register. We wish them well and pray God's blessing on them.  A reception was held at The Porthwidden Cafe.

2015 Virgin London Marathon Success

On Sunday 26th April, choir member and webmaster, Alan Thomas, proudly crossed the finish line of the Virgin London Marathon in 4:13:08.  Alan gained his place through the Silver Bond scheme.  Single places are offered to smaller charities every few years. Alan and his wife, Lesley have run Sporting Chance International for over 16 years. It works amongst the poor and needy in Kenya through distribution of redundant kit for sports, sports competitions and building a nursery school. Alan hopes to raise over £500.00 all of which will be sent directly to Kenya.  If you would like to support the work see his just giving page.

Walk 'The Way' girls to raise awareness of human trafficking

On 17th May 2015, two of our New Wave congregation, Naomi Bruce and Demelza Rouncefield, will be travelling to Burgos.  This is the start of an epic journey on foot of 298 miles in 16 days finishing in Camino de Santiago. Their goal is to raise awareness and funds in excess of £1000.00 for Love146 through the Bringing Freedom charity.


 Naomi says, "I know I can't physically save someone with my bare hands, but what I can do with YOUR help is make a difference to someone's life by creating awareness and raising funds. If we can save one girl's life, it is worth EVERYTHING to me."


Follow them on:




To make a donation:

FSMC Gospel Choir

On Friday 10th April at 7:30pm the choir produced a beautiful performance of "Apostle" - Roger Jones' production of Saul 's conversion and ministry.  This was at the United Methodist Church Bedford Road​, with a clear emphasis on the good news of The Lord Jesus Christ. Narration was by Viv Thomas from amongst the bass section. Alison Ashby was the accompaniest, while her husband, Clive, produced the sound. Further photos are on the FSMC page courtesy of webmaster, Alan Thomas.

Baptism at Porthgwidden

It was a joy to witness the baptism of Andy and Regina  in the sea on Easter Day afternoon.  Rodney gave a brief explanation of the purpose, witness and obedience of the believer in being baptised. Andy and Regina gave testimony to the amazing change Jesus has made in their lives. Around 40 friends, family and folks from FSMC were there to witness it. More pictures can be found in the gallery slideshow of Easter Day.


Open Air on the Slipway

On Easter Day morning the congregation walked out onto the Slipway to sing their final song, "Up from the grave He arose", to the many tourists passing by. More photos of the morning meeting are in the gallery.

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