News Jan to June 2016

Whitsun March of Witness & Tea Treat

Another wonderfully sunny day meant that the town was full of holiday makers as FSMC marched once again through the streets. The march is much shorter than in passed days, up Fore Street and along the Front. No brass or silver band, but, instead, up to date contemporary worship from an Iphone & speaker on a trolley. Then there are three stops for worship in the open air; Lifeboat Slipway, Sloop Slipway and Harbour Master's Office.

Songs rang out, banners drifted in the gentle breeze, children (and a few adults) had games and a tug o' war beside the arches. A faith tea in the chapel drew many. A great day, so many helping, so many participating.

Cornwall Worship at The Island


It was a beautiful sunny afternoon as Christians met to celebrate Pentecost, the day when the church recieved The Holy Spirit. St Ives male Praise Choir and FSMC Gospel Choir led singing with some older pieces, while Mark Grove and The One Heart worship band led worship with more contemporary songs. Gordon Smyth explained the coming of the gift of The Holy Spirit through the eyes of Peter.


Afterwards many attenders walked down to FSMC chapel for a cream tea.

Church day out for seeking God


On Saturday 7th May 2016 a total of fifty three folks joined us at the FSMC day out at Polmanter Camping & Caravaning site. This was encouraging as a number of people had work and other commitments. The purpose was to seek God and discuss our vision and how we should go forwards to see the future we wanted.


After a time of prayer and worship, attendees were placed into groups and asked to compile lists of all the things from the past at FSMC that we should be and are grateful for. It was a brief time to remember what we are good at. A spokesperson from each group fed back ideas; music, strong youth, Sunday School, men's and ladies' meetings, house groups, youth camps, Harvest of the Sea, great speakers, changes to the buildings. There were many more. This led into a time of reflecting on what we are currently doing well. Again there was feed back from each group; FSMC Gospel Choir, being warm and friendly, Junior Church camp. The list showed a lot of good things. However, all knew that we should never be proud or complacent. Several once successful meetings were struggling due to lack of leadership and depleting numbers.


With a desire for faith and an element of realism we turned to what we should be doing well in the future that will see the work of God accomplished at FSMC. A full report will be published in due course. On Monday 9th May the church stewards met to discuss the implications and a follow up day is arranged for Saturday 9th July. Key to church growth was discipleship, home groups and praying for leaders to emerge for areas in the church where there were none; worship, youth, Junior Church and home groups.


We did not leave down cast, but with an awareness that we all need to seek God and exercise faith. Please keep July 9th in your diaries if at all possible.

New Kitchen and Servery for Sunday School Building


Work has begun on the refirbishment of the kitchens at the Sunday School rooms. The new look facility will include a serving counter rather than a hatch which has been the case for many years. This will better suit the changing use of the room. The work should be completed by the end of May.

Water Aid Jars of Change Appeal


As a result of this fund raiser for Water Aid a record total of £375.00 was sent to that charity following the collections during lent by FSMC members. Many thanks for your great support.

Thursday Lunch Club gift to Christian Aid


The Thursday lunch club has raised £315.00 during lent from its profits for Christian Aid. Soup is the menu with several choices. It is all home made as are the cakes for dessert. The suggested donation of £2.00 per meal is extremely good value. Thanks to everyone who volunteers in any way to support this work, which serves to about thirty people on avergae every week.

William & Laureen Noall move to Barnstable


Two eminent St Ives folks have moved to Barnstable after living in the town throughout their lives. William & Laureen Noall have decided to leave their home town to be closer to their family of three children, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren, with another on the way.


Laureen was a part of FSMC in her childhood and youth. After marrying William they attended Barnoon Brethren meeting room. William was especially involved with Scripture Union and Youth for Christ. In later years they joined the congragation at FSMC and have enjoyed rich fellowship during this time.


Many St Ives people have benefited hugely from their faithfulness to the good news of Jesus. Many have continued a life of service as a result. They go with our blessing and will be sorely missed.

Christmas Giving Very Encouraging


While money may be no measurement of the spiritual state of the church, the offerings for December and the Christmas celebrations were very pleasing. Members of the congregation gave generously and this was matched by the giving of visitors to the chapel, especially in recognition of the Christmas tree festival.


Here is a break down, beginning with weelky offerings for each Sunday:

Dec 6th: £856.85, Dec 13th: £868.06, Dec 20th: £1063.30 (includes £300 given for Chernobyl children’s visit). Dec 27th: £ 587.25

Cornish Carol Evening:     £400.00 for Open Doors

Christmas Day:                £500.00 for St Petroc’s

New Year Concert:          £300.00 for Romania and Hopelink

Christmas Tree Festival: £1023.00. After expenses, this will leave £800 to be shared between

Cancer Research, Hopelink, Romania and Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline

Christmas celebrations draw to a close


The Christmas celebrations were brought to a close when on Saturday 2nd January, in front of a pleasing audience, the FSMC Gospel Choir gave a concert. One of the highlights was a duet on the piano by accompanists, Alison Ashby and Katrina Gheraty.


The Christmas trees were taken down and decorations stored for another year on the morning of Monday 4th January. A large group of willing helpers worked tirelessly to clear up and clean the chapel. There were plenty of refreshments along the way. This was the culmination of a tremendous amount of effort, expertise, planning and time. Church leaders are very appreciative of all the work done to achieve so much good.

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