Time to vote

April 1, 2015

On Thursday 7th May the country will again go to the voting booths for each individual to cast their vote. Will YOU be joining them? Is there any point? What difference will one vote make?


Maybe, if you are asking those or similar questions, you are missing the point. We are very privileged in this country to be living in a free and democratic society with a number of political parties. Most people in the world have no vote or belong to a one party government. Many Christians have no freedom to share the gospel.


At FSMC we regularly pray The Lord's Prayer, which is itself politically loaded. We ask for God's kingdom to come, to create a government on earth that is as it is in heaven. Each of us should seek to bring God's kingdom into our lives and those around every day. Voting may seem to be the least of what we can do towards that goal, but it is a part of our stewardship.


Here are 10 reasons why we should vote: click here


Spend some time in prayer and research the aims of the political parties. Which one comes closest to kingdom principles? One link which may help is Christians in Politics. This may inspire you to vote if you feel it is not worthwhile. We do have born again believers in parliament. If the ability to vote is a gift from God how can we neglect to do so?




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