Election Reflections

June 2, 2015

Elections are great since they are made by the One who is the Almighty, whose word cannot be gainsaid. As Jesus put it "Heaven and earth may pass away, but My words will never pass away."


And they are precious, at any rate to the Lord's people to whom the promises are made. In Jeremiah 31 the Lord promised that Israel would not cease to exist as a people before Him while the created orde


r remained. Sometimes, however, the promises involve adverse consequences for those who oppose the Lord's people (and therefore Him). To Abraham and his descendants through Isaac it was promised that the Lord would bless those that bless them but smite with a heavy curse those who made light of and disparaged them - not exactly a precious promise if you were on the wrong end of it!


The General Election result was for many a surprise in light of what the pollsters had predicted. But the most surprising comment I heard was from Jerry Lewes, a journalist appearing on Simon Barrett's Middle East Report on Revelation TV on the evening of 08 May, the day of the Election result. It's worth re-watching on catch-up TV. He examined the record of the three main political leaders in relation to Israel. The Prime Ministerial candidates from the Labour and LibDem parties had shown attitudes to Israel which were in the range indifferent to hostile - and they were swept from office and from leadership. David Cameron on the other hand had supported Israel both publicly and behind the scenes - and was swept to victory.


Coincidence? You have to ask yourself how often a 'coincidence' can be repeated before it becomes something greater than just the product of chance. In the narrow field of British politics and in the short space of my lifetime there have been three other such examples. Three long- serving British premiers have been friends of Israel - Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. One of the three reversed their position - and fell from power shortly thereafter. And we could go further back - Sir Winston Churchill, one of the greatest statesmen of the twentieth century - an ardent supporter of the Jewish claim to their ancient homeland. And if time allowed one could multiply examples both as to men and to nations.


The goosebumps moment was the moment of realisation that the Lord's ancient promise, given to Abraham some 35 centuries ago, still operates in 21st century Britain (and elsewhere). For me this underscored yet again the uniqueness of our almighty and eternal God of whom alone it can be said that His promises never fail.




I had a goosebumps moment over the General Election results, and all because of an ancient promise.


Someone has said the Bible is full of great and precious promises. Certainly promises made by the Lord to His people.




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