Speak Because I am Listening

June 16, 2015






At no other time in our history have we ever been more connected, had more devices to help us in what we are doing and yet at no other time in our history have people felt so alone and constantly feel like they have not enough time.


We think that with all the facebooking, Tweeting, blogging and instant messaging that we are swamped with all this communication, but are we really communicating or just dropping sound bites into other peoples ears or eyes thinking that that substitutes for meaningful communication.



As I walked around a school recently I came across the picture on the right. It struck me that in this world were everything seems to screaming at us all the time that a key part in conversation is listening and a key element to help us listen is being silent.


As we know conversation is a two way activity, we talk and then we listen without interrupting our friend that we are speaking to. So it is with our dearest Friend and Lord, Jesus. Jesus longs to communicate with us and so I want to encourage you to talk with Him. Prayer, Bible Reading, Worshipping and listening are all elements in a good time spent with Jesus.​​




One of the ways Jesus will speak to us is through His word, but if we never pick it up and read it how will we engage with all that Jesus wants to tell us. Prayer is another way, but prayer is not just the latest shopping list pouring out of our heart but it is speaking with God and taking time to be silent so we can listen to Him speak to us and prompt us about what is on His heart. If you want to listen to God then be silent before God, pray, listen and read His word and He will speak because we are taking time to communicate the way it was created to be done.

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