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July to December 2015

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Rodney continues to challenge listeners with Jesus' teaching. Here he underlines the futility of hoping to get to heaven by following a religious life style. He also speaks of the fundemental truth of the return of Jesus Christ to claim his true church, those who are saved by God's grace and live a life which demonstrates an expectancy and readiness for this.

Looking at Luke's gospel chapter 15, Rodney presents a message that concludes with a call to accept Jesus as Saviour. The passage from the Bible includes the well known stories of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son. There is also a powerful testimony from a life changed.

Guest speaker, Geoff Fox, on the occasion of our Harvest of the Sea weekend, brings a message from Exodus about the faithfulness and power of God when he brought the Israelites through the Red Sea out of Egypt, which is applicable to our own lives.

Tony Rowe, one of our own local preachers, gives guidance on guarding our hearts from Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." (NIV)

Andrew Cashmore takes a look at the Psalms for this all age family service, linking them to the temptations of Jesus. The congregation are invited to create their own Psalm, which Andrew's wife, Sarah, types up for everyone to read aloud at the conclusion. A copy of this can be read.

Download FSMC Psalm >

Andrew Care takes a look at the book of Isaiah, showing how the prophet had things to say about international, national and personal affairs. He summarises how many of the prophetic words are applicable for today and also speak of the coming Messiah.

Rodney returns from his summer break to continue the series on the teaching of Jesus. This 'episode' looks at Luke chapter 16. We are challenged to put God first; good stewardship of our finances is praised, while the love of money is not. Rodney also shows how the only sign sinners will get is from Jesus on the cross, not the return of someone from the dead to warn us.

This is the 38th week that Rodney has taught on the what Jesus spoke in the gospels. Today looks at Luke chapter 17. The recording also includes several testimonies and words of encouragement given following an invitation from Rodney to share.

Rodney continues his series on the teaching of Jesus from the gospels. Today, in Luke 18, he speaks about the contrasting parable of the unjust judge and the comparison of two people who prayed in the temple; the pharisee and the tax collector.

Dr George Kutty was the guest speaker for the harvest celebrations. He is from the sub continent of India, but resides in Rhode Island, New York. He is president of Asia for Christ Ministry. He speaks of his experiences in sharing the gospel, reminding listeners of how thankful we should be of the goodness of God. He also talks about the ingathering of souls - a different harvest.

Rodney continues his series on Jesus' teaching. In this message he appraoches the issue of divorce. It is well worth the listening in a time when divorce is so prevalent in the church as well as in the world. He also talks about the raising of the dead of Lazarus and the need for us to come to Jesus with childlike trust.

Rob Manley, one of our local preachers, sets out a reasoned arguement about the pitfalls of tradition and vain repetition. While many of us enjoy the familiarity of some well loved worships songs, they may often be void of true worship. Be prepared to be challenged.

Irene Tanner, another of our local preachers, looks at the word goodness and its meaning, with particular emphasis on its useage within the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus gives us the Fruit of the Spirit. This recording includes two readings from Members of the congregation.

Rodney Orr challenges our reasons for being a part of the church and our assessment of what we need to do to be sure of our salvation. The teaching is based on the story of the rich young man who asked Jesus, "What must I do to be saved?". This is found in all three synoptic gospels.

In a departure from the series on the teaching of Christ, Rodney Orr, speaks boldly on the importance and responsibility of all believers to pass on the truth of the good news of salvation and judgement to the next generation.

Rodney returns to his series on the teaching of Jesus. (This is week 42). The passage from the Bible is Matthew ch.20, the story of the labourers who work different hours, but are given the same reward. Believers are challenged to joyfully serve God, knowing that He is always just in giving rewards. The truth is that we have eternal life and it starts ‘Now’.

This message finds Jesus and the disciples on their way up to Jerusalem. The disciples had questions about the future and were clearly finding it difficult to understand Jesus' teaching. We are challenged to give all in service, as servants of our Lord. Our reward is eternal life. How long you have been a Christian does not matter with regard to this.

In this first week of Advent, Rodney compares and contrasts the first coming of Jesus Christ with His second coming. He will not be a tiny babe in a manger, but a mighty king, The Lord of lords, King of kings. Easy to go un-noticed the first time, there will be no mistaking His return. Are we ready?

This is the recording in full of the brilliant combined Christmas morning meeting held at FSMC. Pastor Rodney Orr leads with Rev Steven Wild, current Chairman of the Methodist Church in GB, gives a timely message. Well worth a listen, especially if you missed it live.

Rodney continues to compare the first coming of Jesus with the His future return. While avoiding getting bogged down in specific details, realising that there are various opinions about how exactly Jesus will return, the message shows clear evidence of the speaker's research and knowledge of the subject. In this message he enthuses us to anticipate the event with joy and readiness.

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