Sunday meetings

Sunday meetings can be a mixture of traditional and contemporary, old and new. Whatever your preference, we hope you feel free to explore and exercise the worship heart within.


The meeting begins with an appointed person leading worship. This starts at about 10:30a.m.


The main meeting continues at about 10:45a.m. This includes times of prayer, praise, worship, Bible reading and a message. There is a short message for the children before they go to junior church in the Sunday School buildings just up the road on Bunker's Hill.


After the meeting there is time for personal prayer and counselling.


We also invite everyone to stay for a cup of tea or coffee and light refreshments. This is an opportunity to get to know a little more about each other and build relationships.


Evening meetings begin at 6 o'clock and generally take on a slightly more relaxed style. There is generally a time of worship, followed by a speaker. ften these meetings are held in The Bunker.



Communion occurs twice each month, once in the morning meeting and once in the evening meeting. It is the custom to invite all who love the Lord Jesus to take part. It is usually a part of the meeting rather than an addition at the end.


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