Children & Young People


FSMC maintains a regular programme for the children and young people in the church.  As well as having their own times when they meet together, they are also encouraged to take part in leading worship, playing instruments from time to time. There are specific Sundays for them, when the whole day is centered around their participation.

Junior Church


Children who come to the Sunday morning meeting usually get a story or video early in the service, something they will be able to gain from. They are then invited to walk together up to our other building just 50 metres away. This is still known as the 'Sunday School', although it is used for all sorts of events. Here they have their own time of worship and learning about Jesus.




Parents/guardians who have very young children make use of the facilities at the rear of the church at any time during the meeting.



Hannah Cole was appointed in 2018 and leads and coordinates all those involved with the youth in the church.

Currently several activities take place, usually on a Friday evening. There is a youth house group, a monthly sports evening at St Ives School and a monthly film night.

Look out for other events on the website calendar.

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